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A real nightlife only developed in Cusco when the Tourist arrived. Towards the seventies, they opened the first night places for them: the "Abraxas" and the "Hatuchay" both in the Main Square. After some time the same people in Cusco, with the imagination encouraged by the stories going everywhere, decided to face the cold nights that had made them stay at home and realise that by night people are friendlier and it is easier for them to approach each other forgetting social, cultural and even languages differences.

We affirm that, in addition to the diverse attractions, Cusco can add to this list the intense, mad and cosmopolita nightlife with an original Andean touch. Enjoying its enchantments is a way of best knowing the Imperial City and compenetrate with its spirit. The following lines are the key you need to open the door and enter this world.

Music and Dances
Another good way of starting the night in Cusco is admiring the especial wealth and variety of the folklore of this region not only for its musical expressions but also for its dances. The traveler will have to choose between the "teatrines" (theatres) of some institutes that cultivate the folkloric art and an exclusive number of restaurants that offer this kind of shows.

A toast in the Sacred City
Being in Cusco without enjoying its wonderful urban beauty is a sin. This reality has been understood by the business people that have occupied all the places around the Main Square to open a pub, a bar or a café in the recent years. Each window on the second floor and every balcony have become into belvederes to enjoy the great square that at night with the lighted Cathedral and the "Compaņia" acquires an enchantment even more overcoming.

The Pubs
The ideal place to start celebrating the night before going to dance. In general they stayed open after midnight and they offer the happy hour (drinks at half price) according to especial times they show at the entrance or at the bar.

Those people who prefer to spend a quitter night may choose to spend some hours in Tecsecocha: one of the few streets in Cusco, a stony street with balconies to its sides, that keeps the harmony of the place untouched. A place of a very different style waits for the visitor in this typical street of Cusco: the Couch bar "Los Perros". Its attractiveness is the informal atmosphere with sofas and couches displayed everywhere, people may even lie down to read a book or a magazine.

San Blas
Another suggested meeting point is San Blas. A typical square of noble Incas deserving to be considered one of the most beautiful places in Cusco. If walking by its streets at night could be dangerous, it is not drinking a coffee or a drink in one of the places located behind the church. At the Green's, the parish will find an intimate atmosphere thanks to the comfortable sofas and couches displayed around the center tables. On the other hand, the attraction of the Aule is its younger atmosphere especially its hillocks with cushions spread on the floor around a low table where you find many books.

The discotheques
Around midnight, cafes and pubs are ready to close their doors. It is time to go to disco-bars that especially at that time start with all the enthusiasm that lasts till the sunrise.

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